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  • Eli Katzoff

War in the north would be ‘Oct. 7 on Steroids’

A little late on this post as Iran has already attacked once! But I think it's important I get this video up on the website here.

The dreaded threat of real war breaking out in the north is on a lot of people's minds.


But what would this war look like? I sat down with experts in counterterrorism and Hezbollah research and made this video (linked above) for JNS ( last week. What they told me lays out a terrifying prospect that could come at any time.


Some may call me alarmist in this video, but the truth is that the picture that the experts I spoke to (and I spoke to a lot of them off camera as well) all painted a similar picture. War in the north is not a question of "if" but "when." And that it would be a "multi-front war."

What is interesting is most of the text above was written before Iran's attack on Israel (April 13th) at the time this all seemed a little far fetched. Now, this all feels very real and building.


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