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  • Eli Katzoff

Bedouin Hostage Family Speaks

In Rahat we visited a man whose family members have been kidnapped and taken hostage to Gaza.

We also spoke to the Mayor of Rahat about what it is like for his Bedouin community - usually a very private community - during this trying time.

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Jan 01

Several Bedouins from Rahat, who were driving party goers to Reim, saved a lot of young Israelis, they went back and forth and took survivors to Be'er Sheva. Hamas just killed them, with a vengeance as they are Israeli citizens regardless that they are Muslims. And they must be recognized as our citizens, they don't even have bomb shelters, some rockets landed near Avdat killing 4 little Bedouin boys. They received no governmental aid. Only a private NGO like Keshet organized funds and donations as we live shoulder to shoulder in the Negev and have a lot of interactions and coexist with the Bedouin tribes in the area of Mitzpe Ramon.

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