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  • Eli Katzoff

Dizengoff Square Candle Memorial

A few days after the outbreak of the October war, I stumbled across a beautiful candlelight vigil. Turns out that the residents of the Lev Aviv neighborhood (area of Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv) had organized this event. By the time I arrived, the event had expanded to become a remarkable show of the Tel Aviv community coming together.

One interesting element is that shortly after it started, the original organizers departed. They left their creation up to the community which gave it a life of its own. It was a truly organic display memorializing those who were immediately impacted by the horrific events of October 7th.

Special shout out to my friend Camilla Butchins who pointed me to this incredible gathering. Since the start of the war, this kind of outreach has been seen all over Israel. One person hears of something significant or moving and passes it on to another.


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